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No regular updates this week… and maybe for the rest of the month too

So I wasn’t able to update last week because I was cramming a lot of things: travel documents, class assignments, a beta reading job, etc. etc.

I’ve been stranded here in the capital for almost 4 months now, and I applied for travel permits and stuff last month. Only now are my documents being processed, but that’s only because my dad and my lawyer uncle used some connections to hasten the process sdfghjkl

And I don’t think I can update this week either coz I’m still not done cramming with class assignments. My flight is also anytime soon, and I’m not yet done packing! And considering general public transport is not yet available, I’ll have to figure out how to send some of the stuff I’ll be leaving behind to my brother, who lives in a different city. [On that note, I still don’t know how I could get to the airport. Maybe I’ll have to coordinate with my uni and the local gov’t on that sdfghjkl]

Anyways, public transport in the Philippines is not yet back to normal. The Covid-19 response here is terrible. I’ve heard healthy people getting the virus while travelling cross-island, and I desperately hope I’m not gonna be one of them o(TヘTo)

And once I leave, I’ll have to undergo a 2-week quarantine. I hope there’ll be internet, so I can sneak in a chapter or two╰( ̄ω ̄o)

That’s all, and I hope all of you stay safe! Please don’t go out, unless absolutely necessary.

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