Years of Intoxication Audio Drama Actually Uses a Pandora Hearts OST

audio drama cover
Audio above is taken from the end of episode 4 in the audio drama. It features a flashback of when He Gu first met Song Juhan

I was extremely surprised when I heard “Everytime You Kiss Me” play as I was finishing the last episode of the audio drama. To those in the Pandora Hearts fandom, you’d recognize this song as the version of the Lacie melody with lyrics. You can hear the full song here.

Pandora Hearts is one of my earlier fandoms, so hearing that song made me really nostalgic. And now I’m gonna have to associate it with He Gu and Song Juhan as well… I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing hahahah

Anyways, if you’ve read Years of Intoxication, I absolutely recommend listening to the audio drama, even though it’s fanmade (I think). Song Juhan’s voice actor is :chefkiss:.

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